New to Hire

06/05/2013 12:05 p.m.

60 Inch Plasma

Recently Added

13/05/2013 04:05 p.m.

We have recently added some new Selecon PLCYC1 LED Cyc lights to our hire department.

Each luminaire can replace the equivalent of a traditional four colour 1000W per circuit Cyc luminaire, and with the convenient powercon system, the PLCyc1 can light a typical cyclorama with a single 10A non-dim circuit.

Delivering a smooth even beam, the PLCyc1 seamlessly blends intense washes of colour on cycloramas up to 5m high. Using LED source technology combined with a properly shaped asymmetrical reflector, the PLCyc1 delivers consistent light distribution without the compromising performance of vertical or horizontal spreader lenses.

These are also great for corporate events when you want to wash large areas with colour.

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